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Breathing isn’t something I take for granted, as a writer or as a human being. When my father raped me when I was nine years old, his hands encircled my neck, choking me whenever I would start to cry out so I wouldn’t make a sound, beyond stifled gasps for air, and wake anyone else in the house. He choked me until I passed out, and when I came to after he’d finished, he told me – still on top of me, his hands still around my neck, squeezing when I didn’t immediately respond, with a quick, whispered “Yes,” that I understood what he’d said – that he would kill me if I ever told anyone.

Now, through my writing, I’ve told the world, and done much more than that.

If you want to support a writer who, as a child sexual abuse survivor-activist, is a passionate advocate for the rights of children and others most vulnerable to oppression; who is an animal rights and climate change activist; and whose writing you, of course, find worthy, then I hope you’ll take a look at my Patreon page, where you can support my writing for as little as a dollar a month while receiving exclusive access to my writing and writer’s life.

(Patreon is, basically, a 21st century incarnation of the traditional, patron-based method of supporting artists, enabling crowdfunded support of artists on an ongoing basis.)

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. . . my light verse poem addressing anthropogenic global warming and its massively dystopian consequences if humanity’s thoroughly inadequate (though in some locations and respects improving) response continues, published January 19, 2017 at The New Verse News.

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“Preludes” cover
Preludes is a novella-length story based on my experience of the horror of child sexual abuse and the challenges of healing.

Download Preludes for free at:
Amazon’s Kindle Store
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For another Kindle Store, please do a search for “John Brooks” or “Preludes” on that store’s website. Please note: other (non-US) Kindle stores may not price “Preludes” as free.)
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For a video introduction and more about Preludesclick here.

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“Valley” cover
(Final draft completed – seeking beta readers.)
Bonobo Christ cover
original version, published at Fiction Inferno (under pen name of alienartist); Trump-Era version coming soon
"Notes" cover
(Enlightenment, dysfunction, or some of both?)