About Me


I’m a Japan- and southern Arizona-based writer, child sexual abuse survivor-activist, and climate change activist, among other things, telling stories to help catalyze personal and societal healing and enlightenment.

A significant portion of my writing is devoted to a thorough-going examination of child sexual abuse, including how children experience such abuse and the kinds of challenges adult survivors typically face in their efforts to heal. (See, for example, Preludes, my novella-length story based on my experience of the horror of child sexual abuse and the challenges of healing, on Amazon’s Kindle Store, Apple’s iBooks StoreBarnes & Nobel’s Nook Store, Kobo, smashwords.com, and other ebook sellers to which Smashwords distributes. See also an excerpt from my recently completed manuscript of Through the Valley of the Shadow of Life, a novel exploring a man’s decades-long quest to free himself from the negative effects of sexual abuse experienced in the family environment of his childhood.)

Anthropogenic climate change and its massively dystopian consequences if our thoroughly inadequate response continues is a central focus of two light verse poems, published here and here at The New Verse News, as well as a novel-length work in progress.

If you like what you read of my work, I would be most grateful if you would post your favorable review(s) and recommend my writing to others. I also invite you to follow me on this site to see announcements of new and upcoming publications.

What else to add for now?

– I was born in Athens, Georgia and, from the age of three, grew up in Nashville, Tennessee.

– I’m a graduate of Stanford University and Vanderbilt Law School.

– I currently live, by turns, in the US and in Japan, where I lived exclusively, until early 2019, for thirty years.

– The passion I continue to experience for my writing can feel, at times, as necessary as the act of breathing; and so, despite having achieved little, so far anyway, of external success in my avocation, I – as with many other writers in similar circumstances – happily struggle on, grateful for whatever resonances of meaning and connection my work may hold for readers, whatever motivation it may provide for helping to create a better world, and finding, in any case, fulfillment in the effort itself.

And so I write.