“Preludes” Promo Video

Here’s the promo video for my extended short story, Preludes.

(Please note: I’ve taken Preludes off wattpad, where the promo video lists it as being available and where I had uploaded it for free online viewing for over a year. Preludes is currently available at the other venues listed at the end of the video and below.)

Illuminating the horrors of child sexual abuse from a child’s perspective, Preludes is an extended short story chronicling the experiences of a nine-year-old boy as he struggles to survive sexual abuse by his father in a middle class American family in the 1960s. Preludes is based in significant part on my own childhood.

This video was made in a collaboration with Jennie Kondo, a highly skilled, highly talented photographer and video artist and the designer of the Preludes cover. Hope you’ll check it out.

Preludes is currently available as an ebook at:
Amazon’s Kindle Store
(This is the link for the US Kindle Store. For another Kindle Store, please do a search for “John Brooks” or Preludes on/for that store’s website.)
Apple’s iBooks Store
(This shows a link for the Preludes page on iTunes. Alternatively, you can search for Preludes in the iBooks Store inside the iBooks app for iPhone and Kindle.)
Barnes & Nobel’s Nook Store
– other ebook sellers to which Smashwords distributes.

Content Warning:
Preludes is suitable only for a mature audience.


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