Update: MSS Revisions & SNS

(Please note: This update supersedes all previous updates regarding my writing activities, SNS, etc).

First, for over a year I’ve been working on some substantial revisions to what I had considered to be the near-final draft I  had previously completed, over two years ago, of Through the Valley of the Shadow of Life – this based on my consideration of various beta reader feedback and on various societal developments, particularly the rise of the #MeToo movement and its reframing of societal awareness regarding sexual assault generally.

Second, I’ve been working to make some significant revisions, based on reader feedback and societal trends, to Preludes: A Story of Child Sexual Abuse in a Middle Class American Family – my novella on the Kindle Store and other ebook stores based on my experience of child sexual abuse and the challenges of healing – with an aim of selling Preludes for a price (currently it’s free) and running a Kindle ad campaign. (Click here for the current version.)

Third, I have made an affirmative decision to drastically reduce the amount of my time available for writing and writing-related activities that I allocate to social media and similar activities, the reason being that I’ve concluded I need basically all of my available time for the writing itself.