My Favorite Vegan Bistro in Tokyo

This past Saturday, after yoga in Shitamachi, I enjoyed a meal at my favorite vegan bistro in Tokyo – Little Saebejae, less than a two minute’s walk from (at least one exit of) Asakusa Station.

Fantastic, subtle flavors imparted to every dish by the owner-chef, who runs the place by herself, all for a very reasonable price.

Highest recommendation!

Rainy Day … Background Reading

Spent time this rainy day afternoon at a Starbucks in Omotesando doing some background reading for the new version of “Bonobo Christ” that I’m working on. A book of scholarly articles with titles like, “The Absence of Sexual Coercion in Bonobos” – all with the aim of better understanding key differences between humans and bonobos. And the broader goal of adding depth, insight, authenticity to the story. And because I’m just plain interested in this subject as well.

Salad Satiety

A nice autumn afternoon for my favorite salad bar in Tokyo – Cosme Kitchen in Omotesando Hills – mostly or entirely organic, it seems, and mostly vegan; all for about 2,000 yen, all you can eat.

And, on top of that, a live music+dance performance happening when I arrived – good (coincidental) timing!

If I’m going to stuff myself – which I sometimes can’t seem to stop myself from doing when I eat here – what better place to do it than here!

Life Is an Odyssey (Trite but True (Enough))

America-bound on a recent trip to the US. Trite and corny as it may seem, I do indeed often get a “life is an Odyssey” feeling when taking off on a late afternoon / early evening flight from Tokyo to the US, with the plane, heading east, rapidly leaving the sun behind, to the west, as though quickening time’s passage (though, ironically, a calendar day is lost in the flight).