Housecleaning: A Note on a Dream (from over a decade ago, I would estimate)[with interpretational guesses in brackets]

“. . . of leaving a place where I felt I may have made some enemies [the Past?; made enemies in my reinterpretation of my Past following recovery of my CSA memories?] to travel on a highway at pretty high speed in an effort to get to where my friend (TD) was waiting for me when I had left him to go back [back to the Past?] and get something [my identity?] . . . so driving fast to get to my friend but then reaching back into the back seat for a folder [containing some of the many notes I’ve jotted down or records and memorabilia (school and other) I’ve filed away over the years regarding my sexual abuse as a child and childhood generally, in an effort to understand them better?] and, in the process, nearly losing control of the vehicle [my life path? i.e., losing control of it due to excessive concern with / focus on my past?] . . . that’s when a voice in my head said, “Get to the car! [i.e., get back to the steering wheel; get your head out of the past and look forward, to where you’re going / heading, into the future!].”